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Diets and Dieting Continued

When someone says they are on a “diet” or says that they are “dieting,” it puzzles me because unless they elaborate further, (and often even after they elaborate–) I don’t know what they are really saying or doing.

I assume they are trying to communicate something about eating; either what they eat, and/or when they eat, and/or, how much they eat; or, one or more of these, and/or perhaps something else entirely different.   And, so it was when one of you and I had the following conversation after you were congratulated on a one pound waste loss for a total of 15 lbs loss during your latest period of “dieting.”

You: I actually lose and gain, and lose and gain…I did lose 43 lbs, but only kept 30 of it off so far, but ready to start losing again.

I:  How did u lose the 43 lbs? How long did it take you to lose it?

You:  I took pictures of how I looked and put them away for comparison later, and to be a reminder of how I don’t want to look. Then I cut down my food intake especially at dinner and afterwards. Thirdly I began walking and bicycling on a near daily basis making sure I got at least 10,000 steps a day. I used my fitness pal on a daily basis to record what I ate and how much I exercised and made sure I always had calories left over each day. I utilized a network of friends that wanted to lose too to help keep me on track. all in the my fitness pal (an app for my phone and/or computer) I later added a fitbit wrist band to monitor my steps more accurately, and a fitbit scale to weigh myself daily which is what records how I am doing, and posts it on facebook here.

I: When did things go awry?

You: I don’t think of things as having gone awry. I think that I took a pause in the weight loss, and have managed to keep from gaining back a majority of the weight, but to constantly keep my intake lower than my energy output for over a year at a time is too taxing, so I allowed for some return. When I had knee surgery, the immobility did add the last 6 or 7 lbs, but I’m reaching the point where I am again ready to begin my journey down toward my goal weight. Hopefully within the next year or two I will be there.

I: Interesting perspective, I’m just curious , why is it too taxing?

YOU: Because I over restrict when “dieting”,

I:  I understand. Thanks for your candidness

Readers may wish to review the  video about CLA*,  here .  It presents better in the chrome browser than in Firefox.

I have been pondering the meaning of the terms “diet” and “dieting” since that conversation, especially what the terms meant to YOU but then later, I pondered what the terms mean to me.  Still later, I wondered what the terms mean to TWBMs group members.

The urge to hear from as many of you who would be willing to share your thoughts about what the terms mean to you was a powerful one.

And, since I am waiting to be credentialed before starting a permanent telepsychiatric mental health NP placement position; I have devoted almost every minute of my day since October 7th or 8th to trying to set up an interactive process that would allow us all to have the benefit of feedback from group members.

And so, :) we now have this Body Measures Blog for discussion of TWBMs Newsletter content and to continue any overflow of that content.**

I hope you find it useful for you but, of course, you don’t have to share your thoughts and shouldn’t feel pressure to do so.  But if you do, it is appreciated.  You may comment and identify yourself with your initials or an alias, as you wish.  Just try to remember the alias so that you and others can keep track of comments you make over time.

*Remember that my approach to self-health management support is to provide members with well presented but free information on ideas about various aspects of healthy living.  The cost of getting the information for free often involves listening to a sales spill from the presenter.  I am not advocating that you purchase the products especially since while the research studies cited during the presentation are studies actually found in the literature, the claims, conclusions, and ideas the presenter advocates based on the findings from the studies, may or may not be valid or reliable.  Keep in mind that the presentations represent a very, sophisticated marketing campaign whose main goal is to sell one or more of its products.  Don’t fall victim to it.  I tend to purchase most of my supplements from Walmart and use their Spring Valley brand because it has been found to contain the ingredients listed on the bottle in the amounts indicated.
**Please bear with me as I learn how to work with this new communication tool.  I am also working with a developer to produce the email based discussion process originally envisioned.